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From @RBackhander76 on Mon Dec 18 03:31:21 EST 2017
TendiesOnlyDotCom... https://t.co/WQ6YtTqEt6

From @NataNata19722 on Mon Dec 18 03:26:53 EST 2017
RT @sdesrochers056: Écoutez bien ce qu'il dit à 4min 30sec. Le Canadien de Montréal a réclamé au ballottage le gardien Antti Niemi https:/?

From @zesty_canadiens on Mon Dec 18 03:19:44 EST 2017
Les Canadiennes start, finish strong in 5-4 OT win vs. Markham https://t.co/Gqhbd0Lo52 https://t.co/iFrvc72qb8

From @Big_G_09 on Mon Dec 18 03:19:23 EST 2017
RT @sigg20: "Original6"Maurice Richard skids to a halt after Scoring against Gump Worsley in a late 50's Canadiens-Ranger game at Madison S?

From @laurapedia on Mon Dec 18 03:16:54 EST 2017
Das Devil ließ eine 5-2 Entscheidung am Donnerstag zu dem Montreal Canadiens, ein Spiel, das am besten für zornige? https://t.co/fGHB5UFeGK

From @biobot on Mon Dec 18 03:05:36 EST 2017
Uber for ice hockey goalies: https://t.co/b7ooJVkp0L

From @JdChan2 on Mon Dec 18 03:01:32 EST 2017
@tristanAb0rd0 @McLovinCanucks Trade Markstrom for the Montreal Canadiens Organization. #eventrade

From @rowast on Mon Dec 18 00:59:29 EST 2017
Oh Canada how I love you https://t.co/B6EFgk2hdv

From @MHatamoto on Mon Dec 18 00:55:50 EST 2017
'A unique Canadian problem': Goalie rental apps connect teams with netminders - https://t.co/r0VlqT9cPS Talk about? https://t.co/JkdYmlQVLh

From @MetalDave01 on Mon Dec 18 00:54:32 EST 2017
OH RIGHT I GOT THIS TOO. #GoHabsGo #Habs #Montreal #Canadiens #BeerTime https://t.co/D3bQg6bmqM

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